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Bird Control East AngliaEast Anglian Pest Control provides the complete bird control solution for all your bird infestation problems. Our professional, pest control technicians come fully equipped to survey your problem onsite; remove any immediate bird problems and install and advise on the right preventative systems to eliminate any future bird infestations.

East Anglian Pest Control offers the complete bird proofing service; from cleaning bird soiled areas; through to installing nets, bird spikes or wire systems that will protect the key areas of your site to prevent any further bird contamination of your premises.

Common species of pest birds include: Feral Pigeons, Herring Gulls, Starlings and House Sparrows.

Common Problems Caused by Birds Are:

Health hazards to humans as most wild birds carry diseases such as Listeria, Salmonellosis, Ornithosis, Histoplasmosis and dust containing micro-organisms.

Ideal harborages are created by birds nests for insects such as flies, fleas, lice, beetles and textile pests such as carpet beetles and clothes moths can cause damage to fabric materials.

Bird Fouling can cause staining to building surfaces, unpleasant smells, and slippery surfaces that will cause ill feeling if staff are exposed to these unpleasant working conditions.

Bird Control and Bird Proofing:

East Anglian Pest Control has gained many years experience in supplying and installing all types of bird netting to many, varied locations in Ipswich and surrounding areas of East Anglia whilst maintaining all health and safety practices and providing a full safety data report on completion of every bird proofing project.
All of the pest control methods provided by East Anglia Pest Control are humane solutions including; bird netting, bird Spikes, AVI-Strand Wire, bird trapping, bird Culling and foul cleaning.

East Anglian Pest Control will analyse the bird problem at hand to determine whether it is heavy pressure, medium pressure or low pressure.

From this information, our pest control specialists can provide the most efficient and cost effective solution to your bird problem. All of the bird deterrents provided by East Anglian Pest Control are long term and are installed by experienced pest control technicians using the best stainless steel fixings.

East Anglian Pest Control has fitted many bird proofing systems that we have guaranteed for at least 6 months.

East Anglian Pest Control will always go the extra mile to give a good honest service that is second to none, producing quality workmanship based on years of experience gained within the pest control industry.

You can have peace of mind when using pest control services by East Anglian Pest Control.

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